April 13, 2008

Cheap Shoe Guru

Caution!!!: The following may make your feet smelly, stinky, cause bruises, are possibly poorly made with cheap materials but they are hella crute (x-tra cute) and ALL under $22 bucks! I couldn't resist making a post on them.

The first blue pump from the left is actually a quality shoe at a crazy discounted price, the others, not so much.

From right: Macy's Marc Fisher Pump $18.90, from $89.00, Black pump silver heel $18.99 at Urbanog, Oxford Pump $18.99

Forever 21 shoes, from left to right: $22.80, $24.00, $19.00

Urbanog shoes, $9.99, $19.99, $21.99

Go to Forever21.com and Urbanog.com for details

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Anonymous said...

Love the grey pointy toes in the bottom row!!