April 13, 2008

Cheap Shoe Guru

Caution!!!: The following may make your feet smelly, stinky, cause bruises, are possibly poorly made with cheap materials but they are hella crute (x-tra cute) and ALL under $22 bucks! I couldn't resist making a post on them.

The first blue pump from the left is actually a quality shoe at a crazy discounted price, the others, not so much.

From right: Macy's Marc Fisher Pump $18.90, from $89.00, Black pump silver heel $18.99 at Urbanog, Oxford Pump $18.99

Forever 21 shoes, from left to right: $22.80, $24.00, $19.00

Urbanog shoes, $9.99, $19.99, $21.99

Go to Forever21.com and Urbanog.com for details


Anonymous said...

Love the grey pointy toes in the bottom row!!

Gladys E. Garcia said...

Awesome and wonderful. How nice are your shoes! Everyone should prefer this luxurious shoes. You have a wonderful collection of fall shoes. I like black shoes. Yours are too much fashionable and beautiful, never seen before.