March 14, 2008

Graphic Print

Love the Graphic Prints you've been seeing all over the runways??

Miu Miu,Chole, Alberta Ferretti (source)

If so, Incorporate the looks similar to the below in you wardrobe...

from right:

Silk Printed dress, $129.00 Shop Bebe

Floral Silk Strapless dress, $129.00 Shop Bebe

From right:

Forever 21 Twelve Tunic Dress, $29.00 Shop Forever21

Top Shop Graphic Print Dress, $20.00 ($40 US) Shop TopShop

I mean there nice but how come the less expensive retail chains can't create the same hotness as the lux designers???? Oh well...

But, what's the perfect shoes would go with this look??

Love em! Each, $129.00 (a little pricey) Shop Bebe for details


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Love everything from Bebe's! It is by far my favorite clothing store: very chic, pretty and sharp :)

Anonymous said...

I would ROCK both on any given day.